R & D Distillation Facility

Orcinus provides an in-house R&D Distillation testing facility for different solvents of different applications. We take the material received and Distillate in our R&D Distillation apparatus with client supervision. Based on those results, an optimized solution is derived for when the time comes to switch the apparatus being used for distillation at the production base. We provide this R&D Distillation trial with batch size of (50 Litre to 200 Litre) Sample.

Our R&D Distillation Setup includes
1. Batch Kettle (With Agitator)
2.Distillation Column
3. Column Internals
4. Distillate Receiver
7.Instruments like (Bath Heater, Auto Reflux Divider, RTD with Temperature Indicator, Pressure Gauge, Control Panel)

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