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A Three-phase Separator is Generally Used in Oil and gas industries. They can separate out three phases; normally a gas, oil, and water (two liquid phases and one gas phase) but also used in upstream oil and gas production facilities, refineries, chemical plants, and other industries where the separation of multiple phases from a mixed fluid stream is necessary for various purposes, including product recovery, environmental compliance, and process efficiency.

The design and size of a three-phase separator can vary significantly based on the specific application and the characteristics of the fluid stream being processed.

internals in Three-phase separators play an important role in carrying out any separation operation that is run in the three-phase separator.

Internals in Three-Phase Separator

  • Deflector Plate
  • Half cut pipe
  • VID / Schoepentoeter
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Baffle Plate - Mist Eliminator
  • Coalescer Plate
  • Foam Breaker
  • Half cut pipe
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